pharmaceutical company stall

Why one should go for experienced exhibition stall designers or fabricators

pharmaceutical company stall

Event itself is something which is very unpredictive. It may entitle to lots of confrontations. One may cope up with those challenges by following suitable planning and right execution strategy. Experience plays a vital role in exhibition event executions. There is nothing which could be replaced with experience in the world. Experience is basically a summation of the mistakes that one have made in life or in particular industry. A company with accurate and due experience can bring outcome which are splendid enough to cherish for longer period of time. We are Connectbase communications having 11 years of practice and having our own production facilities in Ahmedabad. We have served more than 500 customers and have made 500 + stalls across India. Our experienced team makes it look so uncomplicated to carry out across any part of India.

Experienced stall designers and fabricators can facilitate you with the best possible design strategy which could be accommodating to exhibitor to magnetize best and quality footfalls. It would be massive decisions to be made for fabricators to make it look aesthetically stunning at the same time satisfying ingenious intent of participants. Exhibition stall making agency will have to take into the consideration the product in which the exhibitors is dealing, the industry patters which is being followed nationally and internationally, and the use, features and benefits that a particular company  or products or services offer, if all these factors would be studied putting together, it would pave the way for best design which could results in standout stall from the rest of its competitors and can augment the walk in of the prospective customers and can confer reason to visit the stall. we at Connectbase communications always focus on the strategic approach for any of our creations which we may take on.

We also rally round to our customers to get the specialized things to be done or out of the box kind of things. Generally 10fts height is maximum which is allowed in most of the cases. But if the customer is looking to do something astonishing we can lend him a hand to design it with more than 10ft height. we can sketch the whole structure of the stall in such a way that it could be formed in more than 10 ft height at the same time it would be remarkably supportive in visibility from a distance and can play a decisive role in bringing more footfalls. Agency can also help out in meeting some compliances or rules which are being laid down by organizer and the exhibitor is not aware, in that case agency can play role of liaison and smoothens the process for exhibitors

Connectbase communication is a full fledged agency and deals in lots of other things related to marketing and promotions except exhibition stall designing and stall fabrication. if an exhibitor is looking to boost footfall and looking to do some marketing activities we can be of assistance to a great deal. For example we can assist customer with some outdoor activities or advertisement around airport or Railway station or radio etc.we can also help to acquire space in the exhibition hall for advertising or can have a footprint branding etc. There are lots of ways by which promotion could be done for exhibitors and customers could be brought to the the stall.

In some cases, if the customer is looking to finalize a stall space, we do help in some cases if the customer is looking to buy a space from organizer where he has to buy and what should be the size of the stall. Again that depends solely on the customer’s objective, vision and on his budget

Our experience will also help exhibitors to utilize the bought space, its remarkably important that you utilize the space of stall which is available at optimum level. our experience and intelligence help us to offer a stall design which uses the space at optimal level and at the same time can meet the objective and expectation of our customer

Some of the tips and points which are mentioned above can facilitate any exhibitors to get the best possible result. we have a dedicated  team for our customer to discuss all the needs of our customer regarding exhibition stall design or fabrication. Moreover we also help our customer to avail with the best possible design along with the most competitive rate. We always believe in keeping our customer first for all our dealing and believe in win-win situation at both ends. For more information one can always visit at or feel free to call on +91 7600576410.

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