3D Stall Design for Exhibitions

Connectbase communication seizes unmarked loom at designing and exhibition stall designing work. We at Connectbase decisively believe in taking cavernous and meticulous planning while we approach any project. We are having a team of exhibition stall 3d designers who create and develop design for our customer keeping in mind the size, need and product of the customer. We firmly believe that designing a 3d at best and optimum level will get your half work done

We employ 90% of our energy in settling the design right, once the design is ok and got approved by customer we can take it to the implementation level .we are an advertising agency having detail gumption of branding and advertising, we take everything in exhibition 3d stall design and fabrication from the perspective of advertising and strategic branding.

We make sure that the 3d stall that we design is impeccable and matching with all the principal of branding and advertising. We know it perfectly well that the job of exhibition stall designing or participating in any exhibition event is to enhance and enrich brand equity. Having said that we are an expert at branding we plan the 3d stall design in such a way that customer get maximum exposure and recall value for the product or services

We also take in to consideration that we bring new design and development strategy for designing 3d as any exhibition would have companies from same industry, so it would entail differentiation among competitors, and we always try to provide a cut above the rest to any customer we work for.

We use the best software to provide the 3d design and make sure customer get the same thing while implementing at the exhibition venue. We make our genuine endeavor to understand the need and wants of the customer and we devise the 3d design structure in such a way that we can keep the satisfaction of the customer at optimum level. Connectbase provides customer with three 3d options which are meeting with their choices and preferences, customer can choose 3d which he likes out of the 3 options. Being brand marketers we design a stall in such a way that the viewer, visitors or prospective buyers can have the right type of experiences with the stall  so that the desired opinion,emotions,metaphors,viewpoint,perceptions,opininons and so on become linked to the brand and the purpose of participating in the exhibition could be served and fulfill.

From the perspective of exhibition participant, exhibition event is the solution to craft brand equity as it builds the disparity effect that impels brand equity. It also assists in enhancing the sensitivity about the brand and there by aids creating affirmative brand reflection. Through our exhibition 3d stall design we attempt to form high level of attentiveness and acquaintance with the brand and grip some brawny, constructive and inimitable brand associations in reminiscence of visitors and prospective buyers.

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