Designing & Branding

Concept, design and copy writing, right mix of these ingredients can make your advertisement stand out and make it unforgettable. With the right conspicuous design you attract attention to your ad of your target people and with the right cleverly conceived copy you clearly, succinctly and powerfully get your message across. Branding is something which is intangible but powerful than tangible, its is something which resides in the mind of the customer and helps to gain loyalty

We at connectbase conduct numerous exercise to make your product or service brand which can pay you an equity to the years to come. we conduct deep research about the company taking into consideration lot many factors like customer mapping, Market size, customer behavior, Competitive audit, PEST analysis, Brand Mapping and lot many other models. We take into consideration immense research before we proceed further for any kind of creative recipe, as it is a matter of someone’s brand and we take it very seriously

The clutter in advertising is big questions for all the advertisers and agencies, Every day and day out thousands of products launched and marketed, The competition has been almost cut-throat, If we put it into some economic or management forms there is nothing like monopoly or oligopoly into the markets.

Most of the business lies into perfect competitions that’s why the role of advertising agency becomes vital. It becomes imperative for the agency that it differentiates the product in terms of outward packaging or in terms of creating and communicating brand so that the advertiser can get good results of his money spent. we have been providing value to our customers for almost 10 years relentlessly

Our Process

  • Discussion of the Idea & Strategy with Client
  • Elaborating the Core to be incorporated
  • Out of the Box Creative inculcating the core
  • Chasing the Perfection
  • Evaluation – Comparing with the standard

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