There are thousand and one ways to promote products and services but it is difficult to find the way of promotions which fits our offering and target audience. We work as consultant and avail that kinds of media ,promotional vehicles and promotional strategies which is a perfect fit and provides good return on money spent on promotion

News Paper Advertisement All Over India:-
Book your advertisement across India in multiple news paper and Magazines .You can give your advertisement in just one call, Call us for a media campaign and Media planning with your product detail and budget.

Hoarding Advertisement:-
we provide hoarding advertisement across India, state wise, city wise .If you are ready to make it big and would like to have an impact, reach mass audience, enhance awareness, and build a brand; Hoarding advertisement is a right flick for you.

Poster Pasting:-
we can paste poster across Gujarat according to the requirement of the customers and depending upon their product and services. It’s a low cost medium but very effective for making awareness at large.

Road Show:-
In road show our trained and creative people travel and entertain people while advertising something. it is a unique way of marketing and branding of your product or services, In a road show audience will come in direct contact with your product or services which will give you tremendous brand building experience.

Radio Advertisement:
we are also providing radio advertisement across India in all the FM stations. Why one should advertise with the radio?

  • Radio sells with immediacy
  • Radio sells everywhere
  • Radio sells with intimacy
  • Radio starts in the theater of the mind
  • Radio escapes advertising’s clutter
  • Radio is a cost effective medium
  • Reach is nice and frequency sells
  • Radio’s targeted advertising sells
  • You are always on the front page of the radio
  • Radio is an active medium in active society

Standee Promotions And Mall Promotions:
We can help you to promote your products or services through standee promotions or mall promotions, we can also help you to put a stall or kiosk in a mall across Gujarat.

Media Planning

we define a strategy, media vehicle which could be used for customer to promote his brand to the best possible manner .we do it in such a manner that our customers can be maximum benefited. While doing media planning we generally keep in mind the following.

  • Target audience
  • Demographic and psycho graphics
  • Generational cohorts
  • Product and brand usage
  • Primary and secondary target audience
  • The size of target audience and many other stuff

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